Express Information in 2022 Events

We are looking at franchising national championships with associated regional certification where only local olive oils are used. The International Savantes certification will have a higher status to be conferred when the prescribed scores are achieved with skills tests which include olive oils from many regions. The frequent taster’s certification will apply only to the International Associate Savantes and Savantes. We invite expressions of interest in participation, without commitment, in the following:
Savantes Newsletter
2022 Australian Savantes Tasting Programme
2022 Iberian Tasting Team Championship in Portugal
2nd World Tasting Team Championship in Portugal
Organise 2022Tasting Team Championship (Oil Producing Country)
Organise 2022 Tasting Team Championship (Non-Oil Producing Country)

Thank you for your expression of Interest - we will keep those who express an interest informed of developments. We will also add you to the "Savantes News" email list.