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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Participants Update

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Participants Update



Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Participants Update

Friday, 29th August 2019


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Savantes New York, USA

Savantes Melbourne, Australia

Savantes Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team World Cup

Dear Savantes, Associate Savantes and Savante participants

We hope all is going well as the Northern Hemisphere moves towards the 2019 harvest and the Southern Hemisphere emerges from winter and anticipates fruit-set.

We have three Savantes events scheduled before the end of the year.

The Inaugural World Team Tasting Championship will be held in Priego de Cordoba Spain in early October. We have 13 teams of 3 competing from France, Spain, Greece, South Africa and Netherlands.

Savantes New York will be held on 31 October and 1 November. During the same visit we will be conducting Corporate Savantes training for one of the largest olive oil companies which appreciates the critical importance of product knowledge. As we have disengaged from the NAOOA in co-organising the annual Olive Oil Conference, the stand alone New York programmes will take on greater significance. We are happy to discuss the co-organisation of future Savantes North American Team Tasting Championship with any interested parties.

Savantes Melbourne will be held at the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport on 21 and 22 November.

Registration and details of all the above events are available at

In 2020 we plan to continue with our Team Tasting Championships and are looking at holding some on a regional basis with Championships being awarded to competing countries within the region. For example: Teams from countries will be invited to compete in a much broader Team Tasting Championship covering a number of countries ‚Äď Scandinavia incorporating Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

The Second World Championship will be held at a venue to be decided in September.

We will hold a two-day Savantes Tasting Programme somewhere in Europe in March.

Any Savantes who wish to be involved in organising tasting championships should contact me at

We are also open to suggestions for other Savantes events.

We remind those who have successfully achieved Associate status more than once that you can register for Frequent Tasters and be awarded Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificates as appropriate. Details are on our website and you can email the dates you completed the tests. The Certificates will be presented the next time you attend a Savantes event. To date we have 6 Silver and 4 Gold Associates.

If you have brands of extra virgin olive oils to recommend for tasting at Savantes events, please send us the contact details of the producers.

We thank all producers who have sent their oils for tasting at the 10 Savantes events during 2019.

Please inform others of Savantes activities so we can expand our reach and bring together more tasters worldwide to foster international interaction and increase the consumption of extra virgin olive oil.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Best wishes



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